Everything globally and locally is indeed different, from our way of socialising, communicating, all the way to how we conduct business.
Above these changes, what has come to the forefront of a transformed South Africa in the time of a pandemic is how companies have come together, unified in helping and making a difference to communities far and wide.

Halfway Toyota is at the epicentre of driving positive change across the nation.
With sanitation and hygiene protocols becoming a “normal” part of everyday life, Halfway Toyota has been quick on the response side and has ensured sanitation, protection and education be implemented swiftly and seamlessly.

Let’s begin with taxi sanitation.  
So far, the team has sanitised more than 20 000 taxi’s rank-to-rank, far and wide, encompassing a large part of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Limpopo.  This drive to ensure commuter and employee safety has not been limited to taxi ranks only.  
To date, 11 taxi-related buildings and offices around Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga have been sanitised, applying best practice protocols.
Further afield, in July, a large safety rollout campaign is planned for KZN, which will cover 16 regions, rank-to-rank cleaning and sanitation, including the SANTACO regional offices as well.
There will also be a strong focus on dealerships in terms of logistical support, spearheaded by the Halfway Toyota Park Rynie and the Halfway Toyota Howick Taxi teams.

The fundamental importance of maintaining strict safety procedures is to create a climate of protection for all taxi commuters and employees.  
Daily, ranks and taxis alike are inundated with customers all seeking to be transported safely.  With the backing of SANTACO and NTA, Halfway Toyota’s visibility and unwavering reputation create a sense of peace of mind and trust.

Besides this phenomenal drive to create an environment of safety, Halfway Toyota is involved in facilitating the link between the Taxi Industry and a bold social awareness campaign known as Heroes Wear Masks, launching this July.
The project is coordinated by the Africa Potential Foundation and is aimed to educate and captivate taxi drivers and commuters in a fun and memorable way.
In essence, the campaign is a drive to donate medical-grade filter masks to many people in the country, especially in areas known as Covid-19 hotspots.
Halfway Toyota’s contribution to Heroes Wear Masks will be a phased approach from the Johannesburg dealers ensuring that every taxi sold will have an adequate supply of masks, which will be presented to the new taxi owner at the handover stage.  Coupled with the above, posters informing and educating will be visible in taxis and at dealerships.

In the spirit of giving, Halfway Toyota also participated in a joint initiative with the Randburg United Local and Long-Distance Taxi Association distributing much-needed food parcels to the vulnerable communities the association trades in. This is a positive demonstration that help is shared in communities that are less fortunate than others.     
Halfway Toyota is committed to helping people across South Africa to cope during a time in our history that has been challenging, unprecedented and disruptive. By offering assistance, Halfway Toyota is aiding millions of people to stay safe and informed. Whatever the outcome of the Coronavirus will be, Halfway Toyota is without a doubt an important helping hand that’s driving positive and sustainable change across the country.


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